Imperial Trucking, Inc., an International Heavy Haul Trucking Company


Permitting Over Dimensional / Over Legal Loads

Permitting is an integral part of heavy hauling, over sized and super load hauling. Hence, having accurate information about your freight is an essential part of the quoting process. Inaccuracies can slow the quoting process and even bring transport to hault if the incorrect permits have already been obtained. It is imperative that as much information about your freight be given so that we may obtain the correct permits for each jurisdiction.

The silver lining in this process, however, is that, although we sometimes use the services of a third party, Imperial Trucking does have its own in-house permitting department. If you have been used to dealing with brokers, you’ll be happy you contacted Imperial Trucking and skipped the middle-man altogether. Because we complete the permitting process ourselves, the process is much quicker than with a broker.

If you are unsure of the height, length, width and weight of your freight, please call us. We can probably point you in the right direction for obtaining the proper information. In fact, most machinery such as bull dozers and back hoes will have the “transport spec’s” noted in the owner’s manual. If the machinery or freight you are moving has been modified in any way, this obviously will affect the measurements and should be noted in the comments area on the quotation form.

A few of the fees and associated permits that you should be aware of include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 30/60/90 DAY PERMITS

In addition, you should also know that some states charge more for particular weights than other states; or, each state may have a fee per axle. Moreover, overweight permits usually take a little more time for states to process and can require additional information.