Imperial Trucking, Inc., an International Heavy Haul Trucking Company


Safely Delivering Super Loads On Time

It takes more than equipment to get your oversize load to its destination safely. It takes careful preparation, logistics planning, and implementation of many safety measures including, but not limited to, heavy haul escorts and police escorts. When hauling a 210,000 lb crane Рjust wearing a hard had will not cut it. We understand that although getting freight to its destination is our ultimate goal, human lives can be at stake when moving super loads. It is for this reason, that we take all necessary precautions including outfitting our employees with the latest safety equipment and knowledge. We know that your most valuable asset is people, and it is ours as well.

It is also for this very reason that some loads may not arrive on time, which is why states and municipalities have so many transportation restrictions and heavy haul permit requirements. Of course, if it appears as though the delivery date needs to be extended, we will contact you and inform you of the status and of the new expected delivery time.

This communication is a cornerstone of Imperial Trucking. It has ensured our success and the safety of our employees and those around us. It is this communication, experience, and dedication that gets your over dimensional freight delivered safely.

Auction companies, financial institutions, the military, mining companies, oil field companies, manufacturers, construction companies and individuals alike have trusted us to transport millions of tons of heavy equipment, machinery and freight. They have trusted us not only because we deliver heavy haul freight as stated in our contracts, but because we do it safely and with care.

Safety is paramount at Imperial Trucking and is one of our core values. It has become the culture in which we operate – a constant state of mind.