Imperial Trucking, Inc., an International Heavy Haul Trucking Company


We factor in the current costs of fuel at the time of our quotes. For projects that are to be preformed at some time in the future and we are only providing a quote for budget considerations a maximum fuel price will be indicated before adjustment will be required on the quote to allow for the higher cost of fuel.
Depending on the length of the trip, the type of escorts and what is required of them the costs are varied. Generally our quotes will include these costs.
Every jurisdictions has maximums that when a dimension exceeds that one, two or three escorts maybe required. They may also require additional escorts from local or state/provincial police. Other escorts such as utility and railway personnel may also be required. The purpose of these additional personnel is to protect the public, private and public property, and ensure that the safe movement of the object.
As a rule of thumb your load will require special attention if the loaded width exceeds 81/2 feet and if the length extends past a legal trailer, which in most jurisdictions is 53 ft. If the height when loaded exceeds 131/2 feet, or 14 feet in some jurisdictions. If in doubt send a quote request we would be happy to help.
Heavy haul in our terms is anything that gives us a load that is over what is considered a legal truck load. Legal truck loads vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction depending on the number of axles and the allowable weight per axle.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us to request additional information.